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PhD student in the Smart Robotics Lab in Imperial College London. Currently working on autonomous exploration and object reconstruction. You can find my CV here.

Latest papers

  1. Volumetric Occupancy Mapping With Probabilistic Depth Completion for Robotic Navigation
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2021
    Marija Popović, Florian Thomas, Sotiris Papatheodorou, Nils Funk, Teresa Vidal-Calleja and Stefan Leutenegger
  2. Elastic and Efficient LiDAR Reconstruction for Large-Scale Exploration Tasks
    IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2021
    Yiduo Wang, Nils Funk, Milad Ramezani, Sotiris Papatheodorou, Marija Popović, Marco Camurri, Stefan Leutenegger and Maurice Fallon
  3. Multi-Resolution 3D Mapping with Explicit Free Space Representation for Fast and Accurate Mobile Robot Motion Planning
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2021
    Nils Funk, Juan Tarrio, Sotiris Papatheodorou, Marija Popović, Pablo F. Alcantarilla and Stefan Leutenegger
  4. UAV-deployment for city-wide area coverage and computation of optimal response trajectories
    International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, 2020
    Athanasios Tsoukalas, Anthony Tzes, Sotiris Papatheodorou and Farshad Khorrami
  5. Fast Frontier-based Information-driven Autonomous Exploration with an MAV
    IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2020
    Anna Dai, Sotiris Papatheodorou, Nils Funk, Dimos Tzoumanikas and Stefan Leutenegger

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